Down and in

Progress continues at pace now and our project manager (Caleb) is doing a great job of keeping us informed around what’s happening on site. He’s also full of advice and general helpfulness. We like him. He’s new to Anthem Homes and I think we might even be his first build with them, although he’ll have lots on the go by now.

Down – the scaffolding is down as the roof is finished. It’s amazing what a differewnce it makes looking at the place with no scaffolding making it look ugly and you now get a real sense of the place in it’s setting. We’re proper happy with it! The roof looks bloody great too – really sharp.

In – Windows, that’s what’s in. They look super-cool especially now that we can see how they actually frame the views out across the landscape. We’re really happy with the time we spent up front thinking about how to lay out the rooms to maximise the light and the views from the right places.

Next up is the insulation, which will give us a much better feel for the internals as the rooms get closed off, then it’s the fist cut of the concrete polishing in the living, dining, kitchen and entrance areas.

More pictures on the build progress page, of course.



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